Wing Plate, Lightduty

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Wing plate is created from high-quality metal For Concentrically Loaded Columns. When a steel column is upheld by a footing Baseplate are structural segments at the bottom of the column to spread the thickened load over a bigger supporting area. Most of the base of columns concrete grout is utilized to enable the formation and that the full contact in the midst of' the baseplate and the cemented concrete. You can easily purchase Base Plate/ Wing Plate online from Fepy at an affordable price; we also supply it in all parts of the UAE.


  • The leg mounting can alter to an suitable height as indicated by various uneven concrete surface
  • A wing plate is moreover provided to spread the column load on an adequate area of the concrete ground foundation.
  • Wing Plate is made of top class metal that can complete your sofa legs maintain balance.
  • wing plate is utilized for driving the drill bit and conductor to the site of a decent opening on the seabed.
  • wing plate gadget is welded with a steel plate and rebar and loaded up with concrete in the middle.
  • wing plate column base connection concrete grout is utilized to enable the building construction and that the full contact in the midst of' the baseplate and the cement concrete.
  • Can be utilized to mount or hang tubes and make shapes, for example, squares and triangles out of various tubes.


Product Name Base Plate
Material Carbon Steel
Base Materials Carbon Steel Waler Plate)
Type Base Plate
Surface Type Color Galvanized
Color Golden
Weight 1 Kg
Dimension 120x120x5 mm
More Information
اللون ذهبي
الحجم 120x120x5 mm
عدد الوحدات (الكمية) 1 Truck
الوحدة Individual
نوع العنصر لوح القاعدة
المادة الفولاذ الكربوني
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1.45 د.إ

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Wing Plate, Lightduty
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