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Smart Shop
How can I access the platform? is accessible through various channels, including our website, mobile app, WhatsApp, live chat, and chatbot. Choose the platform that suits your convenience for a seamless shopping experience.
What is the Smart Shop category?
The Smart Shop category encompasses a range of innovative features and services designed to enhance your shopping experience. From advanced platform access options to customized bulk orders and quote requests, Smart Shop brings efficiency to your procurement process.
How can I place a bulk order or request a quote?
To place a bulk order or request a quote, navigate to the designated link on our platform. Simply upload your requirements, and our system will generate a customized and tailored quotation for your specific needs.
What benefits do Bulk Orders/Request for Quote offer?
Bulk Orders and Request for Quote services provide customers with the advantage of streamlined procurement. Enjoy the convenience of obtaining personalized quotations for your specific requirements, making the ordering process efficient and tailored to your needs.
Can I use Bulk Orders/Request for Quote for both B2C and B2B accounts?
Yes, both B2C (FEPY Buddy) and B2B (FEPY Pro) account holders can utilize the Bulk Orders/Request for Quote feature. Whether you're an individual customer or a business entity, this facility is available to cater to your unique purchasing requirements.
Is the Smart Shop category available on all platforms?
Yes, the Smart Shop category is accessible across all our platforms, including the website, mobile app, WhatsApp, live chat, and chatbot. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your preferred channel for a smart and efficient shopping experience.
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If I initially sign up as a FEPY Buddy, can I upgrade to a FEPY Pro account in the future?
Yes, if you initially sign up as a B2C customer ("FEPY Buddy") and later wish to upgrade to a B2B account ("FEPY Pro"), you can do so by submitting a request and fulfilling the necessary prerequisites.
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