Gyproc® Gypframe 'C' Studs 70 S 50, 3000mm

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About this item

• Gyproc® Gypframe 'C' Studs 70 S 50, 3000mm are designed to provide a durable, cost-effective framework for drywall installation.
• They are easy to install and have a snag-free profile to prevent damage to the drywall material. They also feature a fire-resistant design for added safety.
• The lightweight steel frames have 66mm wide flanges, which makes them fast and simple to fix to the floor and ceiling using compatible fixings.
• All 'C' Studs feature a 50mm design that is designed to be used with 9.5mm plasterboard for improved rigidity and strength.


• Fire and Termite Protection.
• Durability and Strength.
• Better endure wind, earthquakes and tropical storms.
• Galvanized Steel is Eco-friendly
• Gives easy directing of services through partition
utilized for fixing of partition coating (Gypsum Boards).
• Appropriate for interior use in a wide range of utilizations.
• Easy installation that results in savings on labour costs.
• Steel studs weigh not as much as wood.
• Metal studs are not exposed to termites or fire.
• Steel studs are more cheap than wood.
• Gi stud fill in as light framing for drywall partitions and are the best option in contrast to conventional wood framing.
• Gi Steel studs won't ever twist or decay. They don't mileage after some time, and they are not impacted by dampness or moistness.
• Gi stud Galvanized lightweight steel profile to be utilized as a vertical stud framing for segments and wall lining.
• I Stud Drywall Partitioning System is a scope of vertical metal studs joined with the ceiling and floor tracks that structure a frame onto which drywall or plasterboards can be put.
• It is primarily tougher, eco-friendly, and fire and termite resistant. Besides involving this as a light framing for dry walls, Studs can likewise be utilized as a beautifying wall shade for a more industrial look.
• Standard Specification for Gypsum Wallboard and Gypsum Veneer Base Accessories.
• Gi stud is a result of a gypsum partition system providing simple steering of services through a partition.
• Gi Stud is broadly utilized for suspension ceiling systems, for example, lodgings, railways, bus terminals, theatres, shopping centres, offices, reconstruction of old structures, indoor decoration, and so forth.
• Function: Fireproofing, Soundproof, Jar-Proof, Damp-Proof

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التوافقية Wall Framing
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Special Price 16.90 د.إ Regular Price 19.50 د.إ 13% خصم

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Gyproc® Gypframe 'C' Studs 70 S 50, 3000mm
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