Candle Ceramic Water Filter

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About this item

Properly eliminates numerous impurities from water to provide sparkling clean and good to taste drinking water. You can easily purchase Water Filter Candle Ceramic online from Fepy at an affordable price; we also supply in all parts of the UAE.


• Outright filtration to 0.9 micron
• Water Filter Candle eliminates rust, algae growth, sediment, and suspended solids
• Prevents the development and decreases harmful bacteria by over 99.99%
• Eliminates guinea worm
• Self-sterilizing
• Around 500 gallons for each filter

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اللون أبيض
عدد الوحدات (الكمية) 1 Piece
الوحدة Individual
نوع العنصر فلتر مياه
المادة السيراميك
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Special Price 11.25 د.إ Regular Price 16.00 د.إ 30% خصم

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Candle Ceramic Water Filter
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