PPR Reducing Tee, 50X32MM, Pipe Fitting

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About this item

PPR Reducing Tee Pipe Fitting applies random polypropylene as raw material. The PPR tee commonly has three openings, one inlet and two outlets. preferably two inlets and one outlet pipe fittings. PPR Reducing Tee usually comes in T and Y-shape. The primary function is to shift the direction of the liquid.


  • PPR Reducing Tee, known as Polyproline pipes and fittings are selected for modern plumbing works, home improvement and water projects.
  • Because of its superior performance PPR Tee pipe is a popular selling product in the market. It can withstand both hot and cold temperatures without deformation.
  • It is best for cold and hot drinkable water channelling networks in commercial and residential constructions.
  • Recyclable and durable
  • PPR Reducing Tee likewise has a higher flow capacity with regards to its smooth interior wall with lower pressure loss. The materials we utilized are non-toxic and safe for people.
  • Pipe Channelling networks for rainwater use and pool facilities.
  • PPR Reducer Tee made of Polypropylene random co-polymer Type 3 pipe and fittings utilized for cold and hot-water supply systems, completes and exceeds universally recognized quality and importance.
  • PPR Reducer Tee joint, the system can be used for residential water supply systems, for example, - Drinking water, which is considered as freshwater up to a temperature of 25°C for drinking and cooking food. - Hot faucet water; Hot regular water is heated drinking water up to a temperature of 60°C. - Sanitary applications; Sanitary applications will be used for which the drinking water quality isn't needed, like washing clothes, flush system and irrigation system.


Type PPR pipe fitting Reducer Tee
Pipe Fitting Material polyethylene Fitting Connection
Type PPR pipe fitting Reducer Tee
Usage/Application Pipe Fittings
Size/ Diameter 50x32 mm
Fitting Type PPR fitting Reducer Tee
Material PPR
Color Green
Package Content 1 pcs
More Information
اللون أخضر
الحجم 50x32 mm
عدد الوحدات (الكمية) 1 Piece
الوحدة Individual
نوع العنصر وصلة نقّاصة tee
المادة أنابيب البولي بروبلين PPR
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Special Price 5.00 د.إ Regular Price 9.00 د.إ 44% خصم

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PPR Reducing Tee, 50X32MM, Pipe Fitting
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