Crushed Aggregate 3/16"

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Size : 3/16 Inch
Item Type : Crushed Aggregate
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About this item

• Crushed aggregate 3/16" is a finely crushed rock material used in construction projects from walkways to driveways. The crushed nature of the material allows it to interlock when it's tamped down, making it an ideal solution for outdoor projects.
• Crushed aggregate 3/16" helps to retain soil moisture, keeping it firm and sturdy. It's often used for projects that involve a lot of foot traffic as it retains its shape well, making it anti-slip and incredibly durable.
• Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, this crushed aggregate is easy to install and helps to reduce weeds and dust. This makes it great for gardens and patio areas, meaning it's a great choice for creating a clean and neat outdoor space.
• Made from a mix of stones and gravels, crushed aggregate 3/16" is incredibly color-diverse. This makes it an excellent choice for landscapes and other decorative outdoor areas. Its range of colors means it's sure to complement any décor or theme while still being incredibly sturdy and reliable.

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Benefits and Features:

• Stability and Durability: The Crushed Aggregate 3/16" provides excellent stability and durability, making it ideal for constructing solid foundations for driveways, pathways, and other structures. Its compacted nature ensures long-lasting performance even under heavy loads.
• Versatile Application: This crushed aggregate is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used as a base material for road construction, walkways, and patios. It also works well as a decorative element in gardens, flower beds, and landscape designs.
• Drainage Properties: The angular nature of the crushed stones allows for efficient drainage of water. This feature makes Crushed Aggregate 3/16" suitable for areas prone to excess moisture, preventing water accumulation and promoting proper drainage.
• Easy to Work With: The small, uniform size of the stones in Crushed Aggregate 3/16" makes it easy to work with during installation. It can be easily spread and compacted, ensuring a smooth and even surface for your project.

Easy Application and Maintenance:

• Site Preparation: Prepare the area where the Crushed Aggregate 3/16" will be installed. Clear any vegetation, rocks, or debris and ensure a level surface.
• Installation: Spread a layer of Crushed Aggregate 3/16" evenly over the prepared area. Use a rake or shovel to distribute the material and create a uniform thickness. Compact the aggregate using a plate compactor or a hand tamper to achieve a solid and stable base.
• Maintenance: Maintain the crushed aggregate by periodically checking for any signs of erosion or unevenness. If necessary, add additional material to maintain the desired thickness and level the surface. Remove any weeds or vegetation that may grow through the aggregate.
• Safety Precautions: When handling Crushed Aggregate 3/16", it is advisable to wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, to prevent injuries.


Q.1. Can Crushed Aggregate 3/16" be used for driveway construction?
Yes, Crushed Aggregate 3/16" is commonly used as a base material for driveways due to its stability and durability.

Q.2. How much Crushed Aggregate 3/16" do I need for my project?
The amount of crushed aggregate needed depends on the size and scope of your project. It is recommended to consult with a contractor or use an online material calculator to estimate the required quantity.

Q.3. Is Crushed Aggregate 3/16" suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic?
Yes, Crushed Aggregate 3/16" is suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic. Its compacted nature provides a stable surface that can withstand frequent use.

Q.4. Can Crushed Aggregate 3/16" be used as a decorative element in gardens?
Yes, Crushed Aggregate 3/16" can be used to enhance the aesthetics of gardens and landscaping. Its small size and angular shape add texture and visual appeal to outdoor spaces.

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Size 3/16 Inch
Item Type Crushed Aggregate
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Crushed Aggregate 3/16"
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