Gun Nail 27mm - 1x100 Pcs. Per Pack

AED 3.75
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Size : 27 mm
Quantity Unit : Per CTN
Material : Stainless Steel
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About this item

Discover the high-performance Gun Nail 27mm - 1x100 Pcs. Per Pack, designed to deliver exceptional results in a wide range of applications. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, these nails are an indispensable addition to any professional or DIY toolbox. Whether you're working on construction projects, carpentry, or furniture assembly, the Gun Nail 27mm is your reliable companion for achieving professional-grade results.

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The Gun Nail 27mm is suitable for various applications, including:

Construction projects: Securely fasten plywood, framing, and trims with ease.
Carpentry: Effortlessly install baseboards, crown molding, and other wooden structures.
Furniture assembly: Create sturdy and long-lasting furniture pieces without compromise.
DIY projects: Empower your creativity by effortlessly tackling a wide range of tasks.

Benefits and Features:

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-grade materials, these nails offer excellent strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Reliable Fastening: The Gun Nail 27mm provides secure and reliable fastening, minimizing the risk of loosening or damage over time.
Versatile: With its universal compatibility, this nail type can be used with most standard nail guns, offering flexibility and convenience.
Neat Finish: The nails' smooth surface and precise dimensions ensure a clean and professional finish to your projects.
High Efficiency: Save time and effort with the Gun Nail 27mm, as it allows for quick and hassle-free installation, enhancing productivity.

Easy Application and Maintenance:

• Load the nails into your compatible nail gun.
• Align the nail gun with the target surface and apply appropriate pressure.
• Press the trigger to release the nail into the material.
• Repeat the process until your project is completed.
• To ensure optimal performance and longevity:
• Keep the nails in a dry and cool environment to prevent rust or corrosion.
• Regularly clean the nail gun to remove any debris or residue that may affect its functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these nails compatible with all nail guns?

The Gun Nail 27mm is designed to be compatible with most standard nail guns, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

Can I use these nails for outdoor projects?
Yes, these nails are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to their durable construction and resistance to environmental elements.

Do these nails require any additional tools for installation?
No, the Gun Nail 27mm is specifically designed for use with nail guns, eliminating the need for manual hammering and providing a more efficient installation process.

How many nails are included in each pack?
Each pack contains 100 pieces of 27mm Gun Nails, providing ample supply for your projects.


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Size 27 mm
Quantity Unit Per CTN
Material Stainless Steel
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Gun Nail 27mm - 1x100 Pcs. Per Pack
AED 3.75