Moel, 398R, Insect Killer, 20W

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Brands : Moel
Color : White
Quantity Unit : NOS
Item Type : Electric Insect Killer
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About this item

• Introducing the Moel Insect Killer – the definitive answer to your insect woes. Engineered to provide an insect-free environment, this innovative device is your key to reclaiming your space.
• Unwanted pests are no match for the Moel Insect Killer's advanced technology.
• Designed to attract and eliminate flying insects, it offers a chemical-free and hassle-free solution for pest control.
• Elegance meets functionality with the Moel Insect Killer's modern design. Crafted to seamlessly blend into any environment, it becomes a discreet yet powerful ally against insects.

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Benefits and Features:

• Effective Insect Elimination: The Moel 397 Insect Killer effectively attracts and eliminates flying insects. The powerful 40W UV light acts as a lure, drawing insects towards it, while the electric grid swiftly eliminates them. Say goodbye to bothersome mosquitoes and flies.
• Wide Coverage Area: With its high-quality UV light, the Moel 397 Insect Killer covers a significant area, making it suitable for various room sizes. Whether it's a small bedroom or a larger living room, this insect killer ensures comprehensive insect control, providing you with a bug-free environment.
• Safe and Chemical-Free: The Moel 397 Insect Killer offers a safe and chemical-free solution for insect control. It uses an electric grid to eliminate insects, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides. This makes it a safer option for both humans and pets.
• Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to last, the Moel 397 Insect Killer features a sturdy construction that ensures durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand continuous use, providing you with reliable insect control for an extended period.

Easy Application and Maintenance:

• Simple Operation: Operating the Moel 397 Insect Killer is easy and straightforward. Simply plug it into a power source, and the UV light will start attracting flying insects. The electric grid takes care of eliminating them without any additional effort required from you.
• Easy Cleaning: Cleaning the Moel 397 Insect Killer is hassle-free. The removable collection tray allows for easy disposal of dead insects. Regularly emptying and cleaning the tray ensures optimal performance and efficiency.
• Suitable for Indoor Use: The Moel 397 Insect Killer is designed for indoor use, making it ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, and other enclosed spaces. It provides effective insect control without posing any harm to humans or pets.
• Energy-Efficient: The Moel 397 Insect Killer is energy-efficient, consuming low amounts of power while delivering powerful insect control. It helps you save on electricity costs while effectively eliminating flying insects.


Q.1. Can the Moel 397 Insect Killer be used in outdoor areas?
No, the Moel 397 Insect Killer is specifically designed for indoor use only. Using it outdoors may reduce its effectiveness due to factors such as wind and other outdoor elements.

Q.2. Is the Moel 397 Insect Killer safe to use around children and pets?
Yes, the Moel 397 Insect Killer is safe to use around children and pets. The electric grid is designed to be enclosed within a protective housing, minimizing the risk of accidental contact.

Q.3. How often should I clean the collection tray?
It is recommended to clean the collection tray regularly, especially when you notice a significant buildup of dead insects. Cleaning the tray ensures efficient insect collection and prevents any potential odor or hygiene issues.

Q.4. Can I leave the Moel 397 Insect Killer turned on all the time?
For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to keep the Moel 397 Insect Killer turned on continuously, especially during periods of high insect activity. This ensures the constant attraction and elimination of flying insects in your space.


More Information
Brands Moel
Color Family White
Quantity Unit NOS
Brand Origin Italy (not manufacture)
Item Type Electric Insect Killer
Wattage 20W
Ingress Protection (IP RATING) IP55
Certification CE
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Moel, 398R, Insect Killer, 20W
AED 415.00