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A room's appearance is greatly influenced by the way the room has been painted.The walls should also conform to the prevailing décor trends in homes and offices. If you’re searching for places to buy paint or nearby paint suppliers, and what are the cheapest paint prices, then is the best one-stop-shop for you. We provide all branded high-quality Wall Paints and you no longer need to physically visit every shop to acquire home paint. ensures that you get free store pickup, doorstep delivery of interior, exterior, wood, metal, and waterproof paints throughout the UAE (Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain).  We help you save time and money by offering discounted paint supplies and easy payment options (COD and Card payment) on top-tier paint brands. In a nutshell, we give you industrial and wholesale paint supplies, and the ability to shop, compare home paint prices, order, and buy home paints online more effectively.

Reasons Why You Should Paint More

Are you tired of those plain white walls in your home? However, adding color to your walls may significantly improve the way your house looks and feels. You may decorate and add a distinctive touch to your home by using various types of paints that are offered on the market.

For protecting and enhancing any home or office space, you can choose from different kinds of paints such as decorative paints, Interior paints, exterior paints, wood paints, metal paints, floor paints, spray paints, varnish, thinners etc. Each type of paint has distinct qualities, such as strength, durability, and price, that make it perfect for various purposes. It is difficult to find painting and decorating supplies, industrial paint supplies, and spray painting supplies in one shop. However, helps you to buy them at affordable prices in all the UAE.

Different types of Paints for Wall Painting

i) Interior Paint Service for your Walls

Interior paint is a fantastic way to give a space personality and charm. In order to prevent smearing, texture mismatches, and shrinking, interior wall coating paints are developed particularly for use on inside surfaces.  When you physically visit the market, it is difficult to find all the Interior Paint supplies at one shop. Nowadays it is easy to find Interior painting prices online. 

ii) Exterior Paint Services for your Walls

Using premium exterior paint on your outside walls may help shield your home from severe weather elements including rain, dust, and sun rays. Exterior paints are made specifically to withstand fading and mildew. Emulsion, acrylic, and synthetic enamel are the three categories into which exterior paints can be split. Finding good quality exterior paints supplies at cheaper rates is also becoming a daunting task for consumers, DIYers and contractors; helps in making it hassle free.

iii) Wood Paints for your Furniture

Wood finishes come in latex and oil-based varieties. Latex paint is ideal for furniture and interior wooden surfaces because it provides a better level of protection than an oil paint finish. For optimal results, prime the hardwood surface before applying wood paint treatments. Do you need help finding all Wood paint supplies online? is the best solution for all your wood paint and varnish needs.

iv) Metal Paints for metallic surfaces

Choosing the right metal paint supplies helps improve and restore the life of any metal surface. In this case, oil- or enamel-based paints are your best bet. Paints made of latex fade away much more quickly. However, preparing the surface correctly beforehand is crucial, no matter what kind of paint you use on metal.

v) Waterproof Paints for your Walls

In bathrooms and shower rooms, waterproof wall paint application is essential. For the walls within these spaces, epoxy-based wall paint is the ideal choice. Buying Waterproof paints helps in containing humidity produced by hot showers.

Water-Based or Emulsion Paints

Emulsion paint is a water-based paint with a gloss finish and none of the issues that come with acrylic. It dries rapidly and maintains its flexibility even when exposed to high temperatures, making it the perfect paint for interior walls. Emulsion paint is extremely long-lasting, washable, and durable. It is resistant to pollutants like mildew, fungi, and other things that may stain things. Buying Emulsion Paint for interior walls is the best choice as it is incredibly resilient against brittleness and cracking, making it strong enough to survive adverse weather.

Properties of Emulsion Paints

You make the best choice when you buy emulsion paints for your home as they are easy to apply, dry faster, offer strong chemical resistance and are not sensitive to sunshine or temperature fluctuations than other paints. Emulsion paints range in washability from Medium to High and do not dry out or crack later. The emulsion paint has a firm surface and is simple to clean with water. The wall must be carefully sanded with sandpaper before applying wall primer, which is then followed by emulsion paint.

Plastic Paint

Buying Plastic Paint refers to an oil-based paint that has a highly plastic-like appearance and feel. This paint comes in various colors and uses water as a thinner. Because of their glossy appearance, they are frequently used for showroom ceilings, slabs, decks, and other surfaces.

Paint price in UAE

At we offer you with discount paint supplies, such as Asian Paints Berger Weathercoat Acrylic Compound 18L costs AED 25.00, Jotun 18L Durosan Interior Matt, Premier Emulsion Paint costs AED 130.99, for more information on Prices and Discounts, you can visit our link below.

Which are the best paints commonly used?

The top branded paints that are commonly used are Terraco, Jotun, National, and Asian Paints Berger. Each of the mentioned wall paint brands has a range of products to offer, and each has its own advantages. We at provide you with odorless, eco-friendly paint alternatives and make it easy for you to purchase paints online on wholesale rates.

Best paint for your walls:

Many people choose satin paint for walls since they are a great option and durable for interior walls. It is a fantastic paint to provide a luxurious feel to home and office walls. You can find best wall paint prices, putty paint prices, thinner prices at with brands like Asian Paints Berger, Terraco, and many more.

Top Paint Brands in UAE

Finding it challenging to find paint supplies, in the UAE you could locate all the color shades that interest you on The most widely used paint brands include Terraco, Jotun, National, and Asian Paints Berger. offers discounts on various sizes of paints such as, 900 ml, 3.6L, 1 L to 4L, 16L ,18L, 1KG, 14KG.

Various Usabilities of Paint

By buying wall paints interior and exterior surfaces are well-protected. It is easier for these surfaces to withstand the usual wear and tear of indoor and outdoor walls amid climate change. Additionally, paint will shield walls from damages caused by water, mildew, dust and pollution.

Where to buy wall paint in UAE

Now to search wall paint prices and to buy bulk paint supplies is made easy with We are a one-stop-shop solution for all your wall and furniture paint needs. We supply all top paint brands under one roof and promise fastest delivery. If you are facing any financial difficulty, we are here to provide you with easy payment plans for bulk purchases so that payments can be made monthly as well.


1. Which colour is best on the wall?

Earthy or pastel tones are the best choices for interior painting in 2023. Thus, the predominant colours are shades of grey, beige, brown, light white, and a dash of rust red. These interior paint colours work well with home furnishings and electrical fixtures. You can buy paint for walls online with at wholesale prices.

2. What type of paint is most commonly used?

The most commonly used paint in homes is water-based paint, usually referred to as latex. With less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this fast-drying paint is ecologically friendly, has outstanding performance, and can be cleaned off with soap and water. Additionally, latex paint is renowned for its adaptability to handle movement and its capacity to keep moisture and mildew outside of your property. For buying wall paints online on wholesale prices, is the finest option for you.

3. Can you buy exterior paint online?

There are a variety of exterior paints in the market and consumers find it challenging to find all exterior paints at one store. If you wish to buy exterior paints online, you may purchase them easily from, which offers the greatest pricing and 24-hour rapid delivery to your door.

4. How much is the cost of 1 ltr paint?

Comparison to other stores provides best paint prices to consumers e.g. Asian Paints Berger, Royale Play Bariq Acrylic Copolymer AED 35.00, Asian Paints Berger, Weather Coat Acrylic Spray Compound AED 25.00, Spray Paint for All Interior and Exterior Applications - White AED 4.99 respectively. For more information on paints and their prices please visit our category link below.

5. Best place to buy paint online? is the best place in the UAE (Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain) to buy all kinds of wall paints from interior emulsions to exterior and from wood paints to varnishes and thinners. We provide the best paint cost per litre.

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