Henkel Pattex Silicone Sealant FT101 280 ML Transparent/Cartridge

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Brands : Pattex
Size : 280 ML
Quantity Unit : NOS
Item Type : Silicone Sealant FT101
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About this item

.The Pattex FT101 Silicone Sealant is a transparent sealant designed for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications. With its versatile nature and superior performance, this silicone sealant is suitable for use in both residential and commercial settings. It provides a transparent finish, allowing for seamless integration with various surfaces while ensuring a durable and long-lasting seal. You can easily purchase Pattex FT101 Silicone Sealant Transparent, 1983803 - 280 ML online from Fepy at an affordable price; we also supply it in all parts of the UAE.

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Benefits and Features:

• Versatile Use: The Pattex FT101 Silicone Sealant is suitable for sealing and bonding applications in various areas such as windows, doors, glass, ceramics, and more.
• Transparent Finish: This sealant dries to a clear and transparent finish, providing an aesthetically pleasing result that blends seamlessly with the surfaces.
• Excellent Adhesion: It adheres strongly to a wide range of materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, and many plastics, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting bond.
• Flexible and Durable: Pattex FT101 remains flexible after curing, accommodating movement and preventing cracks or gaps, ensuring durability over time.
• Water and Weather Resistance: It offers excellent resistance to water, weather, and UV radiation, maintaining its integrity and performance even in challenging environments.


Easy Application and Maintenance:

• Surface Preparation: Ensure that the surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, or any loose particles.
• Cut and Load: Cut the tip of the cartridge and load it into a caulking gun for easy dispensing.
• Application: Apply Pattex FT101 in a continuous bead along the joint or gap, using consistent pressure for an even application.
• Smoothing and Tooling: Smooth the sealant immediately after application using a caulking tool or a suitable smoothing tool, ensuring proper adhesion to the surfaces.
• Curing Time: Allow the sealant to cure as per the manufacturer's instructions. The curing time may vary depending on temperature and humidity.
• Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean any excess sealant or smears with a suitable solvent or as recommended by the manufacturer. Regularly clean and maintain the sealed area for long-lasting performance.



Q1: Can I use the Pattex FT101 Silicone Sealant for exterior applications?
A: Yes, Pattex Sealant 1983803 - 280 ML is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, thanks to its excellent resistance to weather and UV radiation.

Q2: Is the sealant paintable?
A: No, the transparent sealant is not designed to be painted over. It is best used when a clear and transparent finish is desired.

Q3: Can I apply the sealant on wet surfaces?
A: No, it is recommended to apply the sealant on clean and dry surfaces for optimal adhesion and performance.

Q4: Can I use this sealant for aquariums or other water-related applications?
A: While the Pattex Sealant is water-resistant, it is not specifically designed for aquariums or applications involving constant submersion. It is best to use sealants specifically formulated for those purposes.


More Information
Brands Pattex
Size 280 ML
Quantity Unit NOS
Product Color transparent
Unit Individual
Item Type Silicone Sealant FT101
Compatibility Wood, Cracks, Stone, Window, Metal, Door, Brick
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Henkel Pattex Silicone Sealant FT101 280 ML Transparent/Cartridge
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