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PVC Pipe, 110MM X 5.8 MTR Class 16, Strong, Durable & Corrosion Resistant

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About this item

PVC PIPE 110MM X 5.8 MTR Class 16 was manufactured by extrusion of raw material. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a well-known and versatile thermoplastic, especially well-known as a pipe and fitting material for domestic and commercial plumbing applications. PVC pipe is extremely strong and durable, completely resistant to corrosion, with little risk of thermal expansion or contraction. With very durable properties, it is easy to install, lightweight, strong, durable and easy to recycle, making it cost-effective and sustainable. The smooth surface of PVC pipe promotes faster water flow than pipes made of other materials such as cast iron or concrete due to less friction. Commonly used for sewers, water pipes, and irrigation These pipes used include infrastructure projects, construction, irrigation, drinking water, cable ducts, industrial applications, drinking water, cable ducts, industrial applications, etc.

You can easily purchase PVC PIPE 110MM X 5.8 MTR Class 16, online from Fepy at the best affordable price; we also supply it in all parts of the UAE.

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