Wefatherm PPR Elbow Fitting, 20MM X 90 Degree

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Color : Green
Size : 20 mm
Quantity Unit : 1 Piece
Brands : Wefatherm
Item Type : Elbow
Material : PPR
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About this item

The 90-degree Wefatherm PPR elbow joint has an equal diameter at both ends. Wefatherm PPR 90-degree Elbow is used to connect pipes of the same size. The elbow is utilized in places with additional corners and when the direction of pipes requires to be changed. PPR fitting 90-degree elbow has a great hot-melt connection. PPR pipe fittings and PPR pipes of similar material are used for connecting with an opening via a hot-melt connection, and water won't ever drip. The exterior and interior walls of the PPR pipe elbow 90 degrees joint are smooth, the fluid resistance is small. It's light in weight, and the installation and transportation are easy.

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  • The 90 Degree Wefatherm PPR Elbow system can be applied for commonly residential water supplies like Drinking water; Consuming water is viewed as freshwater up to a temperature of 25°C for drinking and cooking food. Hot regular water; Hot faucet water is warmed drinking water up to a temperature of 60°C. Sanitary applications; Sanitary applications are to better the drinking water quality.
  • Pipeline system of residential cold and hot water, Transportation and release of water for industrial or chemical species, Pipeline systems of drinking or pure water, Procreative and conveying system of soda pops and mediation, Pipeline for pressure air as well, Heating systems in floors, panel, and radiation heating systems, building, other pipelines for industrial agriculture.
  • Non-polar materials have no chemical impact on all ions in the water and in buildings and won't corrode and rust.
  • It has great thermal insulation and large doesn't need extra thermal insulation material while using hot water systems.
  • The inner smooth wall of the pipeline makes the resistance in the route smaller than that of the metal pipeline, and the energy utilization is less.
  • With amazing hot-melt execution, the hot-melt connection joins pipes and fittings of a similar material into an ideal whole, removing the risk of water leakage.
  • There is no contamination to the ecosystem during construction, production, and use, and the pure drinking water system and food industry pipe works, it is a green construction material.


Type PPR Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow
Brand Name Wefatherm
Material PPR
Products Color Green
Usage/Application Pipe
Fittings Details A simple, reliable fitting for changing the pipeline direction.
Head Code Round
Angle 90 Degree
Available Size(mm) 20mm
Packing Unit 1 pc
More Information
Color Family Green
Size 20 mm
Quantity Unit 1 Piece
Brands Wefatherm
Unit Individual
Item Type Elbow
Material PPR
Angle 90 Degree
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Wefatherm PPR Elbow Fitting, 20MM X 90 Degree
AED 1.75