Concrete Spacer / Cover Block for Construction, 20mm

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Size : 20 mm
Quantity Unit : 1 Piece
Item Type : Concrete Spacer
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About this item

• Durable and reliable - This concrete spacer / cover block for construction is made of quality materials for a solid and reliable foundation. Highly resistant to corrosion and water-resistant, this product ensures longevity and your peace of mind.
• Compatible with other building materials - The optimal size, shape, and weight of the spacer / cover block make it easy to fit and connect to other building materials, such as anchors, threaded rods, mortar and flexible joints. It's perfect for DIY projects, industrial and commercial works.
• Shock-absorbent - Its flexibility allows the spacer / cover block to absorb vibrations that could potentially cause structural damage to the building. The block also prevents the formation of any air pockets between the beams, steel elements, and stones that may cause trouble later.
• Easy to install - Along with its versatile shape and size, the product can be easily incorporated into any project without much hassle and is compatible with all kinds of materials. Its lightweight design is also perfect for quick and simple installation with minimum training required.

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  • Solid and Stable chair which resists rolling or shifting
  • Incorporated Galvanized attach wire for fixing to supporting.
  • High strength for high load applications.
  • Same expansion as encompassing concrete.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Negligible water assimilation.
  • Electrifies Wire for fixing rebar

Application Details

Utilization of Concrete Spacer: Concrete spacers are minimal substantial parts that are utilized to position the rebar in the perfect place with the right cover. These spacers bars and blocks are significant for the ideal attachment of the poured cement. Concrete Spacer is utilized for flat fortifications such that as suspended sections, floors, and beams. Best for Off-Shutter Concrete, Civil Works

More Information
Size 20 mm
Quantity Unit 1 Piece
Item Type Concrete Spacer
Compatibility Sections, Floors, And Beams
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Concrete Spacer / Cover Block for Construction, 20mm
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