Nail Washer - Per KG

AED 5.50
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Color : Silver
Size : 4 mm
Quantity Unit : 1 Piece
Item Type : Washer
Material : Galvanized Iron
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About this item

The Nail Washer, available per kilogram, is a versatile and practical accessory for various construction and woodworking applications. With its reliable performance and optimal specifications, this nail washer enhances the stability and durability of nail installations, ensuring long-lasting results. Discover the added stability and durability that the Nail Washer provides for your construction and woodworking projects from Fepy. Its easy application, versatility, and compatibility make it a valuable accessory for achieving secure and long-lasting nail installations.

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The Nail Washer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

• Construction projects
• Carpentry and woodworking
• Roofing and siding installations
• Furniture assembly
• General DIY projects

Benefits and Features:

Enhanced Stability: The nail washer reinforces the grip and stability of nails, reducing the risk of loosening or dislodging over time.
Improved Load Distribution: By distributing the load more evenly, the nail washer minimizes the risk of wood splitting or damage caused by concentrated pressure.
Increased Durability: The nail washer provides a protective barrier between the nail head and the surface, preventing corrosion, rust, and potential damage.
Versatile Compatibility: Available per kilogram, the nail washer is compatible with various nail sizes, ensuring versatility and flexibility for different projects.

Easy Application and Maintenance:

The Nail Washer is designed for easy application and minimal maintenance. Simply place the washer over the nail head before installation to enhance stability and durability. No additional tools or complex procedures are required. For maintenance, periodic inspections to ensure the integrity of the washers are recommended.


What material is the Nail Washer made of?

The Nail Washer is typically made of [insert material], known for its durability and corrosion resistance.

Can the Nail Washer be used with different nail sizes?

Yes, the Nail Washer is compatible with various nail sizes. Its design allows for flexibility in choosing the appropriate washer for the nail diameter.

How many Nail Washers are included per kilogram?

The number of Nail Washers included per kilogram varies based on the weight and size of the washers.

Can the Nail Washer be reused?

While the Nail Washer can be removed and reused in some cases, it is recommended to use new washers for optimal performance and reliability.


More Information
Color Family Silver
Size 4 mm
Quantity Unit 1 Piece
Unit Set
Item Type Washer
Material Galvanized Iron
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Nail Washer - Per KG
AED 5.50