Weberep 360 FFR Cementitious Paste 20Kg

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Brands : Weber-Saint Gobain
Size : 20Kg
Quantity Unit : 1 Piece
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About this item

Sodamco Weberep 360FFR 20KG is a premium fire-resistant repair mortar that provides exceptional performance and protection for various construction projects. Designed with advanced technology and superior quality materials, this repair mortar offers outstanding fire resistance and durability. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, Sodamco Weberep 360FFR is the reliable choice for fire-resistant repairs and applications. You can easily purchase Sodamco Weberep 360FFR 20KG from Fepy at the best wholesale prices throughout the UAE.

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Sodamco Weberep 360FFR 20KG is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

• Fireproofing and repairing structural elements
• Restoring fire-damaged surfaces
• Sealing cracks and gaps in fire-rated structures
• Enhancing fire resistance in building components
• Reinforcing and protecting steel and concrete structures

Benefits and Features:

• Exceptional Fire Resistance: Sodamco Weberep 360FFR offers outstanding fire resistance, protecting structures and minimizing the spread of flames and smoke.
• High Strength and Durability: This repair mortar provides excellent bonding strength and long-lasting performance, ensuring reliable repairs and protection.
• Versatile Application: Sodamco Weberep 360FFR can be used on various substrates, including concrete, masonry, and steel, making it suitable for different repair and fireproofing needs.
• Easy Mixing and Application: The mortar is designed for easy mixing and smooth application, allowing for efficient and hassle-free repairs.
• Superior Performance: With its advanced formulation, Sodamco Weberep 360FFR delivers superior performance in fire resistance, durability, and structural integrity.

Easy Application and Maintenance:

Sodamco Weberep 360FFR 20KG is designed for easy application and low maintenance. It can be mixed with water to achieve the desired consistency and applied using standard tools. The mortar adheres well to various substrates and provides a reliable fire-resistant barrier. Routine maintenance typically involves regular inspections and repairs as needed to ensure continued fire protection.


Q.1. Is Sodamco Weberep 360FFR suitable for repairing fire-damaged surfaces?
Yes, Sodamco Weberep 360FFR is specifically designed for repairing and restoring fire-damaged surfaces, providing reliable fire resistance and durability.

Q.2. Can Sodamco Weberep 360FFR be used on different types of substrates?
Absolutely! Sodamco Weberep 360FFR is suitable for use on concrete, masonry, and steel substrates, making it versatile for various repair and fireproofing needs.

Q.3. How long does it take for Sodamco Weberep 360FFR to set?
The setting time of Sodamco Weberep 360FFR allows sufficient working time for efficient repairs, ensuring proper application and bonding.

Q.4. What is the recommended maintenance for structures protected with Sodamco Weberep 360FFR?
Regular inspections and repairs as needed are recommended to maintain the fire resistance and performance of structures protected with Sodamco Weberep 360FFR.

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Brands Weber-Saint Gobain
Size 20Kg
Quantity Unit 1 Piece
Unit Individual
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Weberep 360 FFR Cementitious Paste 20Kg
AED 22.50